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buy spirits and liqueurs online and save

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Online shops selling alcoholic spirits and liqueurs. We search out quality shops that offer low prices, online offers and discounts. You will find that you can save pounds shopping online and especially when buying alcoholic spirits including whiskies and malt whiskies.

The World's Premier Whisky site with 1300 different Single Malt Whiskies, over 100 Bourbons/American Whiskies, and a vast range of other whiskies from around the world. Also, an ever increasing range of other premium spirits from Cognacs to Liqueurs. 2 day UK delivery service and International shipping to nearly every country of the world. Many special offers, gift packs, and whisky associated items such as hip flasks, books, etc. A very user friendly site with good back up service. Advise & recommendations are always on hand for both the drinker and collector, whether novice or connoisseur.
The Whisky Exchange

Irish Whiskey and Single Malt Scotch Whisky Merchant
What makes Irish whiskey different to Scotch whisky? Most Irish is distilled three times which should make it a smoother drink, however some Scotch is also triple distilled. Some Irish is only distilled twice, like Scotch and there is also peated Irish whiskey.

The only unique Irish whiskey is traditional potstill whiskey. All malt whisky is distilled in a potstill - a large copper kettle. What makes traditional Irish potstill different is that instead of using just malted barley, a mixture of malted and un-malted barley is used. Sometimes other grains, such as oats are also included.

Your one stop online off-licence where you can buy Beers online, Wines, Spirits, Lagers, Stouts & Ales, Alcopops, Champagnes and Soft drinks.
A wide range of spirits including whisky, malt whisky, vodka, tequila, cognac/brandy, liqueurs, pernod & anise.
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A fine choice of malt whiskies plus aperitifs, brandy, gin, rum, vodka and liqueurs.

" Ltd, established in November 1999 have dedicated themselves in providing an ever-evolving, specialist e-commerce and definitive drinks portal, offering the largest choice of wines, beers, spirits and gifts from any on-line UK supplier and are also purveyors of fine hampers and exquisite ice sculptures for delivery throughout the UK and mainland Europe."
Alcoholic spirits including Brandies & Cognacs, Cachaca, Gins, Liqueurs, Rums, Schnapps and the infamous Absinthe!
Adding new shops selling Alcoholic Spirits
Alcoholic Spirits shops on the internet continue to grow in number and as a result there is a much wider choice of alcoholic spirits available to buy online. We will continue to add quality alcohol shops to our directory and especially websites that are aimed exclusively towards stocking alcohol, including malt whiskies, champagnes and wines, for the connoisseur. You will find a much wider choice available online than you would in your local store. We always visit sites prior to listing them and we look at them closely. We look at how well they are presented and designed, at how easy they are to navigate, how easy it is to place an order and of course whether they offer significant online savings.

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