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buy handmade chocolates online and save

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Online UK chocolates shops selling chocolates, handmade chocolates and confectionary. We search out quality shops selling chocolates that offer low prices, online offers and discounts. You will find that you can save pounds shopping online since internet only UK shops do not have the overheads faced by high street stores and can therefore pass the savings on to you. The is true when buying chocolates, handmade chocolates and confectionary online.

"Hotel Chocolat is a British owned chocolate phenomenon.

The sanctuary of Hotel Chocolate
It's a shoes off and feet up kind of place....a little time spent savouring fine chocolate is a balm to the soul.

Natural compunds in chocolate act to lift your mood and help you relax.

For real chocolate enthusiasts with a taste for adventure....

Discover the latest creations from Europe's independent artisan chocolatiers."

The perfect present

Hotel Chocolate

"Cadbury Gifts Direct - the simple, convenient way to gift Cadbury chocolate.

Choose from a wide range of delicious Cadbury products including many not available in shops or supermarkets. Features a 'pick and mix' section to create your own unique Cadbury hamper.

For a present with universal appeal, give the taste of Cadbury.

Congratulations, Well done, Thank You, I Love You ... whatever you have to say, gift Cadbury."

A small typical selection from the Cadbury Gifts Direct range:-
Cadbury Gifts Direct

"The UK's largest online specialist chocolate store dedicated to the finest chocolates from around the world.
This award winning online chocolate store, "strongly recommended" by Orlando Murrin of BBC Good Food Magazine, contains the widest gourmet chocolate collection available online in the UK."
Chocolate Trading Company

"Aphrodite Fine English Luxury Chocolates are handmade by artisan chocolatier, Janet Vine at America Farm in the heart of the English countryside. Janet's range of English Handmade Luxury Chocolates comprises over 40 delicious gourmet centre's including Fresh Fruit Chocolate Truffles, Champagne Cocktail Chocolates and Truffles, Chocolate Fudge's, Liqueur Chocolate Creams, Liqueur Marzipan and many more innovative creations.
Janet's Chocolates are entirely handmade from only the finest natural ingredients, fresh and preserved fruits, exotic Liqueurs, dairy produce and chocolate blends made from finest English, Belgian and German Chocolate Coverture with little or no added sugar, she even makes her own unique Liqueur Marzipan. The only animal products used are dairy produce so all her chocolates are suitable for vegetarians."
Aphrodite Handmade Chocolates
Marzipan world
"Marzipan World: dedicated exclusively to hand crafted marzipan and edible decorations. The largest selection of marzipan shapes in the world. We are based in the UK and specialize in marzipan and edible decorations."
Marzipan world
World of Treats
"World of Treats is a family run business, set up to bring you the very best sweets and treats from all around the world. All items on this website can be mailed direct to any address in the UK. At the moment we stock Turkish Delight, baklava, pismaniye (Turkish candy floss) and apple Tea."
World of Treats
Adding shops selling chocolates
Online UK chocolates shops continue to grow in number and as a result there is a much wider choice of chocolates available to buy online including delicious handmade chocolates. We will continue to add quality online UK handmade chocolates shops to our directory and especially those offering the best in quality and value. We always visit sites prior to listing them and we look at them closely. We look at how well they are presented and designed, at how easy they are to navigate, how easy it is to place an order and of course whether they offer significant online savings.

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